Jack Smith

Jack Smith, that’s his name. He lives and born at Maryland’s Village, 23 years ago. This place was not a crowded one .Just a small village with hills at each side. The place is so comfortable, its sky always have blue sky and white cloud. Not black as industrials city had. Most of the citizen works there by farming not except Jack’s parent. Both of them work at family’s field that heir from Jack’s forefather.

One day, Jack went to a big city to searching for job. He wanted to help his parents got the money. After he searching and searching around the city. His supply that he bought from the village being almost used up, he finally got a job. He got a job as a cleaning service at “Flim” one of the most popular video productions on that city.

One day, he was seen a beautiful actress acting on the studio. He amazed with her beauty. When the shooting finished, suddenly that actress walking closer to Jack who still watching her. Then she said

“Hi, what’s your name? is see you still watching me when I was acting”

“My….my name is Jack, Jack Smith, you… you’re so beautiful, so I can’t take my eyes off you”

“Hmm… nice name, . My name Anne Lindsay, I hope we can make a friendship”

Jack was so surprised when Anne said that to him. He just could stand without said anything when Anne walking to the door and gone away from Jack’s eyesight.

Day by day, Anne and Jack became closer and closer. Although Jack came from village and Anne was an actress. After shooting, Anne always takes Jack to a restaurant for a dinner. Jack much told bout his village and his family and Anne told Jack about her life as an actress.

And finally, one day Anne said that he likes Jack very much and wanted him to be her boyfriend. She said that she was amazed with Jack, because he not nervous when talk with her and he can fill her lonely heart.

Jack couldn’t believe that, he never dreaming will be an actress girlfriend. He felt so happy and could not believe with this. Jack loved Anne very much. He always accompanied Anne when she was acting at the studio and when Anne went home.

Anne teached Jack how to get famous little by little, and told Jack that he has a potential talent to be an actor. Then Jack follows Anne’s direction. First, he quit from his job and prticipated on every casting for making a film. After a month he was accepted by a Production House to be a main actor in Hercules film.

Jack is being richer and richer. Hercules be a most favourite film in the world. And Jack got many award from his acting. Now he could buy a new car for Anne. And he now surely would marry Anne. But his family still didn’t know about this, because on that village, there’s just some of them that have television or radio.

One day, Jack… with his new car went to Anne’s apartement to tell his aim to marry Anne. But when he arrived at Anne’s apartement, he felt little surprised, because there was another car parked in front of there. But Jack didn’t paid attention to that. He continued walking to Anne’s room.

Finally, he came to the front side of Anne’s room. He knocked the door, but there’s no one answered. He waited for a minute, but there still no one answered. Then he intend to heared what happened inside the room.. He couldn’t believe what he was heared there’s other man inside Anne’s room talking Anne. He heared

“Hahaha… what a foolish man!!” said Anne

“Yeah, Jack.. although he is famous now, he just a village ‘Jackass’ ” said the man

“Now we can got richer…and richer… and we can life happily forever, James”

Jack cannot believe what he’ve heared. He leave that apartement as fat as he can. Then went to his house and packed all his clothes. He couldn’t hold out his sadness. He leaved that city and went back to his village. He didn’t bring all of his wealth that he have got from acting as Hercules, “that’s all just a fake!!” he think.

Now he has came to his village. His parent’s asked him why he went this far but didn’t bring anything, but Jack told them that he was fired from his job as a waitress at an restaurant. He restaurant burned and the entire worker was fired up include him before he got many benefits. He couldn’t tell the truth, because he taught that’s better if his parents still don’t know about Anne and his life in the city.

Then, he tried to re-arrange his broken life. He tried to be a vegetables trader on his village. Jack has a good ability in trading. Little by little he grew up and forgot about Anne. He became a rich trader at his village. His parents now shouldn’t work at they field.

Suddenly, when Jack was taking a rest in his private room, he heared the door knocked. There’s no one at the house except him. Then he opened the door and he couldn’t believe who was standing over there, that’s Anne!! She came with a bad looks. She said that she was lied by her boyfriend. All of her richness was taken over by him. Now he felt so sorry to Jack.

At first, Jack felt Anne looks so tragic and he wanted to forgive her then made a relationship again with her. But that’s ‘good’ thinking fade away when he was thinking about what she has did to him. That’s so unacceptable!! And probably she just lying again to him, and just wanted to do the same things again.

Anne told Jack that she swear she said the truth. And wouldn’t did it again, but Jack’s heart has broken, and couldn’t be repaired again. Jack not believed with Anne, and then he chased away Anne from his house. Anne keep told Jack, but it’ not helped her. She leave Jack’s home sadly, and felt very-very regret.

Long time later, Jack’s father introduced his friend’s daughter to Jack. Her name is Lily. She was Jack’s friend since Jack was a young boy. So he didn’t need long time for being intimate with her. They became closer and closer. And a months later, Jack and Lily married.

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